For the love of GOD stop asking for hero reset, ASK for skill purchase[email protected] Registered Users 258 Posts
1 skill point 10 GLU coins

keep this thread at the top.

Yet again i ask GLU to implement this option.

It's a **** WIN WIN situation.

Everybody who has **** up their hero will be force to play twice as much to repair their mistake and at the same time you guys don't lose customers when they realize they **** up and stop playing the game when you refused to provide simple solutions.

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  • tangoraventangoraven Registered Users 42 Posts
    I disagree, a hero reset offers some opportunity to replay and grow the hero again. Adding skill points for gems sounds more unfun, its like paying to cheat up your hero. Plus, your price of 10 gems per skill point is too low (from Glu point of view), a hero reset will likely earn Glu more money due to cost of the reset and releveling the hero at 5 gems per level since you only pay 10 gems for each missed level, whereas a reset means 5 gems for all levels.

    On top of that, releveling takes time = more gameplay = more ads for Glu.

    To that effect, I would advise Glu not to allow skill points purchase but for hero resets so Glu can make more money and continue to develop more content for HoD.
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