Saved data missing!

NextasyNextasy Registered Users 1 Posts
When I start the game today i saw my character is gone and the game took me back to tutorial levels. It kinda sucks you know. So i searched the web about the incident and witnessed that its a common problem if u turn off your iphone/ipad or even update the game you have to start all over again! im lucky i just played the game for 2 days and not purchased a thing yet. Altho its sad to see people lost everything when they pay for this game

I played blood and glory 1 and enjoyed it very much purchased some rubies even. But if i dont get my profile back and fix this problem. Im never gonna download/purchase/play from glu games again

(even if i played it for 2 days doesnt matter i want my profile back)


  • Duo maniacDuo maniac Registered Users 2 Posts
    I have the same problem,i also spend 30$ on
    buying a gear...can somebody tell me when will
    i restore my previous profile...
  • eugene7machineeugene7machine Registered Users 3 Posts
    same here, had three resets within two days. devs are too stupid to fix that bug, which has been existing for years though.
    they don't even care real money spent into it...

    no more glu games ever...
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