gear system upgrade to customize tactic

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Dear DEV team

I see each class have its own unique gear but i got problem when using them with some particular heroes
For example, with gear for tank class (felmor& nargal) attribute pool include: Magic DEF, HP, block, att spd, crit chance, crit damage... but i've never seen an good item with move speed for this class. With nargal and tiberius this's not a problem since they have passive skill but since i prefer felmor, I want gear with move speed to help hit and run for kitting. Can you create item that help change the attribute so we can customize the item that will suit our tactic?
Same thing can happen to others class especially with an idea that healer could have 'crit damage & chance' for their healing. Cost for changing attribute of course is variable depend on new attribute and which class
Also some new attribute can be added like: life steal, HP regen, block damage(decrease damage received with certain value), blocked hostile effect once in a while or reduce posion damage....
1 more thing, i dont like the fact that boss immune from stun and fear that make jade ring and demon stone worthless. Boss might have have ability to decrease chance for such effect but should not be immune

Sorry for my bad English


  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    Good suggestions.
    I'd like to be able to control bonuses given to runic upgrades as well. What about a ring that gives immunity/protection from panic attacks?
  • WinterHordeWinterHorde Registered Users 96 Posts
    rewand wrote: »
    Good suggestions.
    I'd like to be able to control bonuses given to runic upgrades as well.

    What if, on every color "evolution" stage, we were given a choice between 2 possible (random) effects just like the choice we're given on every level up (receive 1 or 2 skill points)? For example, when getting my runic from green to blue, I would be able to choose between crit chance and dodge. That can be pretty cool :)
  • BigDaddyT99BigDaddyT99 Registered Users 1 Posts
    I think you should be able to fuse the special items also. I have multiples of the Exquisite Runic Staff and its proprietary to a character like Z'dar. Well it does me no good to upgrade them all and I can't sell them so why not let us fuse them like everything else.
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