Question related weekly mission and HH event

dunghackdunghack Registered Users 10 Posts
Are these events difficulty depend on my party level or it's the same for everyone?
I've played this games for 3 weeks, now party at lv 200, tier 5 item upgraded to lv5 and yet a taker with 400+ def 900 HP die in 1 hit from normal mob not even boss (3rd stage of 2 star mission)
I feel this's just absurd :(


  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    At low levels the ogres are small or a mix of big and small. At high levels they all grow up to single hit kill machines so yes difficulty grows. Week to week difficulty s as well. Last week was med hard for me. This week is back to impossible.

    Regarding the one-hit killers. The only tactic I've found to bring them down is to get them attacking a non-healer (preferably non-ranged) hero and then kite while dishing out ranged damage. When the HH missions first came out we all complained at how they killed with one hit. Now I don't know if they kill with one hit or not because I don't wait around to get hit. The non-mob and non-auto attack ones are frozen, down and dead within 5 seconds of the first attack. The auto-attacking ones fall within 10 seconds.

    Facing multiple one-hit killers is much harder. You have to get them all (potentially everything else) attacking the kiting hero.

    Harder still is a one-hit killer who likes to change targets. More than one of these at once and it comes down to dumb luck.
  • LethalizerLethalizer Registered Users 2 Posts
    Arcane Frost weapons work wonders here. When I've obtained Arcane Frost Axe and Arcane Frost bow from missions, I almost always defeat everything, all levels.
  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    The frost bow is wonderful but it doesn't beat the ice arrow(s). I find the HH missions where I face a single monster to last no more than 6 seconds after the fight starts. Orange is better than purple + frost in that situation.
  • SullyPandaSullyPanda Registered Users 22 Posts
    Saturday mision I get to final boss ***
    I spend lot of real world money leveling them up. All blue itema, level 7 or more.

    Today I get killed in I hit on middle boss of **

    So, suddenly I forgot how to play or are this mission just an over-the-edge way of glu trying to make players spend buks?
    It's ok to make incentives so they earn they bucks, but they're pushing it too much.
  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    Instead of spending. Wait until you are stronger. Level up your party. Add party members. Level them up as well. Win map stars..
  • SpouterSpouter Registered Users 8 Posts
    3 weeks events is very easy, but today event is incredible hard. I have party level 385 and NarGhal tank with 1214 armor and 2231 HP. 2x hit and death. Support is Felmor - 1115 armor, 2147HP, and 2x heal. It´s very LOL systém. Or stupid scripting.
  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    I don't know what you mean by 3 weeks events.

    If you're party level increased a lot since last time the mission may have moved up in difficulty. It's not uncommon for Felmor to not be able to handle the damage but if he can take the strongest hit at least once you should be able to fight thru. Have him hit once and start running or just taunt and run. I'd think you will need to have some ranged damage support though. Kassia for her ice arrow can be invaluable on some fights. Z'dar and his stun-the-map earthquake can also help.
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