Why is stage 34 so hard?

ChanHoNamChanHoNam Registered Users 5 Posts
I enjoyed playing this game, but you guys made stage 34 too hard. You gave Tupac 50k hp and he recharges his special that does 1k in damage in 5 turns? That's not fair! I've played this game for so long and clicked on many ads. You guys basically made it so we cannot win without wasting a bunch of gold on constantly reviving and even then we will lose quick because he recharges his ability so fast. As a legit player that doesn't hack the game, there really isnt any way to beat him. Also the friends list is bugged, they only let you use friends that have logged in recently. The one's that haven't played in a while no longer appear in the selection screen in a battle.
If this game cannot be beat through playing legitimately, then I cannot recommend it to anyone.


  • ShiidShiid Registered Users 20 Posts
    I agree. It is sad this game has such potential. But it has become obvious to me that there is no tech support

    I recommend playing the game as a free time waster. It keeps me for getting frustrated. I also recently realized to rewards for the weekly events only give you cash and respect. Two things you don't need if you play regularly.

    Great game design, terrible implementation!

    Btw. I also have stop recommending the game to others.
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  • mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
    well hope future updates do something better for this game..
    i think cash and respect is given for weekly events is because the amount of cheaters you have playing the game.. no point in giving something epic to some who cheated there way to the top

    well do hope for the update, they dont reset counter after a new wave.. if this is a strategic game, the counter strategy should be taken into consideration.. just sucks after it resets after a wave.

    im a glu player that uses glu coin.. and even with using glu coins... game is pretty difficult without the patience and farming
  • SegalsSegals Registered Users 3 Posts
    same problem, have you found a solution, i've been stuck for a month.
  • Johnboy19842657Johnboy19842657 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Came on here looking for an area 34 boss answer, but doesn't look like there is one. I loved this game, played it all the time. Months have passed with NO updates (apart from bug fixes). The area 34 boss cannot be beaten without spending what I think is a minimum in 160 gold. I'm currently using a gang of 3 max level 6 star gangsters and one max 4 star healer with no success, also spent 60 gold in revives and still hardly scratched the surface. Would like a bit of info if any updates are planned or should I delete this ASAP?
  • KennethKiceKennethKice Registered Users 3 Posts
    Why would the Ramseys need to stage? Heck, Ive been asking that very same question for years
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