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In another thread, mthead came up with a great idea to start a thread to give suggestions and tips to new players. All I'm doing is starting the thread and pasting his tips here.

If any of the veterans having advice they would like to share please post away.
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    Yeah this game does need a proper guide.. tutorial doesnt help that much.. took me a while but found out one character can be supported by multiple characters..always thought it was one at a time cause it just cancels out now and then

    i didnt know how training a card works.. end up using a ultra rare corrupt commision and the don card to train my leader card..

    but knowing this forum... things dont start unless you start them yourself.. dont wait for the mods to be doing a indepth game guide for this.. just start writing and people will add on things..

    heres one advice i like to give to players.. only found out the hard way and not mention much

    play that special event that is on only for an hour.. i think its the enhancement event or something like that it only cost 15 energy. If your able to farm that event you get alot of enhance cards

    angry mob card or sometihng like that... Use those cards to train your card.. one of those cards angry mob card has 10000 exp.. use 5 of those cards which end up costing 5k i think and you end up with a 18/50 level character

    also noticed if you use auto play.. they dont play that effective at all.. they just use ability when its available. Attack the cards while they are on defense.. so if your the type that plays to win dont use the auto battle unless your characters are epic.

    some common sense tips
    save ability until you need it or when theres lots of enemies.. or last wave.
    first wave... keep the weakest enemy alive, then try to build your ability.
    for the boss.... defend then shoot..

    as for evolving be honest i dont know much about it.. i had a normal 2/3 crown card.. then maxed its level
    had a tutorial pop up showing me to evolve a card.. funny thing is i didnt even have the evo items to do it.. so me thinks... maybe if you have a rare or very rare card... and never evolved any character yet.. level up that one and see what happens.. possible to evolve a rare card without having all the needed evoitems
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    well dont ask me for too much nowhere near a vet, ive just started playing this game last week

    This game is for those who have lots of patience, or have lots of glu creds

    If you plan to play this game without paying..then you have to prepare yourself for a long run.. but then again most glu games are very hard when your not spending glu coins.

    Heres some extra pointers
    those who have some glu coins to spend..try to aim for a very rare card instead of ultra rare
    my 2/3 ultra rare characters are at max level which is 50/50
    health is at 1000 and damage around 380 mark i think
    they are 5/6 crowns and waiting to get the evolve items to increase level later on
    so they are stuck.

    on the other hard.. the very rare cards, which has 5/5 crowns.. i think they can go up to level 100 and health around 1500 to 1800 with damage i cant remember

    so for the time being..there are alot of players out there with very rare cards that are more powerful then my maxed out ultra rare card.... until i can get the evo items
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    In my experience, ultra rare are far better than very rare cards. I owned few very rare cards and their max HP was arround 1000 and damage around 370. Very rare cards have 4 crowns. And yeah its true, if you plan to play this game without paying it is hard but it is possible. I don't buy glu credits, but I was patient and now I have all epic cards ;)
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    Do you get your epic cards from that believers event?

    I still havent reached 40 energy level yet so i cant challenge the hard believers event yet.

    Heres a newbie question .. when is it good to evolve a card?

    Do you evolve a card when it hits max level or do you evolve it anytime? I got enough evo items for entrophy to evolve into something.. but its currently on level 34... was thinking level max it to 50 then evolve it to get addition boost or am i wasting my time?

    few things i hope they change is that
    evo items should not be considered part of your gang slot
    should have full auto solve and semi auto solve.. semi auto solve gives you control when to use your ability

    also heres an exploit.. well not much of an exploit.. but now and then you get those special enhancement events, it just last for an hour.. theres a way to make it last as long as you login and havent quit the game yet.
    Pretty much as long as you dont change your fight location, it will always remain there.. so you can keep fighting as long as you have enough energy..maybe you can quit and go back not sure was half asleep playing this thing
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    Yeah, I got it from special events. I was patient, reached level 40 and now I have strongest cards...As for your question, I always evolved them when I reached max lvl. I find it extremely hard to get evo items that I needed.I had almost every item except the one I needed to evolve to ultra rare card. My device for you is to train your cards, and when you reach district 28 or 29, you will get good cards when you conquer some turf. Very rare are often. And of course wait for lvl 40, and reach some of the epic cards :) I am stuck on district 31, I need to further train my cards, there is a guy with 16000hp and 600 damage. In 5 turns he does 1000dmg to all cards :)))))
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    well you can always play dishonestly.. its on the lines of cheating

    now and then you would noticed a 2 crown player that is level pretty much 999999...
    if your lucky they are on your friends list.. and pretty much use them to pass the difficult levels
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    Yeah I know. Well for 10 days I havent run into these cards :). Now I play special events, and train my cards to reach lvl 70+ to be able to defeat him :)
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    well if you think that stage is hard, wait till you get the next level. Its doesnt get any easier.. worse part is that the boss saves his ability, so moment you revive, he does major damage to all your players.. Looking at this, even if your level is very high, it wont be a easy fight..

    To make the fight last a little bit longer.. i suggest having agent of heaven as leader. That survival ability is great.. watch as the boss kill him 3 times
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    I just managed to beat that boss. Revive ability of my card saved me. That abillity is on level 1, I wonder if on level 3 I can revive 3 cards...
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    Question for admin. I have "The Hog" card and his special abillity is to revive another card. I upgraded it to level 2, and nothing is changed except counter for that abiliity increased for 2 turns... What changes when I upgrade abillity?
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    the only thing that changes in the ability counter is the counter drops down a turn.. thats about it

    so if you turn it level 3 it just drops down 2 turns to activate the ability

    how did you manage to get the hog card?
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    I have noticed several people are having problems enhancing their cards. Here are the things I have found to help.

    4 star cards lvl 12 or higher usually give 1k enhancing

    Obviously the mobsters from the enhance event.

    The last is Croonies. They seem to come from respect points. After the weekly events there is a special RP package that is a available for 24 hours. During this 24 hours the drop rate of cronies is pretty good. Maybe 1-5 or 1-8 pulls gets a Croonie. If you haven't seen Croonies they exist in all 5 colors. If you use them To enhance they provide 10k to cards that don't share it's color. If your enhancing a card that matches your Croonies color it enhances the card 15k.

    I hope I explained this well. If not ask questions and I will try to explain it better.

    Cheers and happy fighting.
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