Goblin Chief

YijunYijun Registered Users 32 Posts
Hi all, he is the last guy in my collection that I have yet to achieve. Question: buying him at 360 gems(sale) and at 5000 tokens is there any different? Understand that some time ago, one start with level 1 and the other start at max level? Can anyone help me with my confusion? Thanks in advance. Cheers


  • Tyman2222Tyman2222 Registered Users 58 Posts
    If you win him in the event chest, he will be the highest level that your heroes are. What I personally recommend is that you save up like around 400-600 tokens and save your game and then buy 1 event chest, if you got gems then save your game , if you didn't then load your last saved game and you will have the same amount of tokens you had before you bought the chest, and buy an event chest again and keep repeating this saving and loading technique so that every chest you buy you got gems, until you have enough gems that when the goblin chief goes on sale, you can buy him.
  • MitkoMvpMitkoMvp Registered Users 15 Posts
    What items do you use to fuse runics?
  • YijunYijun Registered Users 32 Posts
    Thanks Tyman2222. To MitkoMvp: I use the blue stuff min level 4 for fusing purposes.
  • MitkoMvpMitkoMvp Registered Users 15 Posts
    Thank you Yijun
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