What to to buy with those Event Tokens

ZnakebyteZnakebyte Registered Users 7 Posts
Hi all,
I'm a new player and each event I try to get a few missions done to get some event tokens. So far I have only about 200, and I'm wondering what to buy.

Do ppl tend to save up for the new heroes (that will take a loooong time for me), or is buying Mystery Chest good value?

And while I have your attention: The Runeshard that is needed to evolving Runic gear; is the event store the only place you can get them? (500 tokens)

I hope someone can elaborate :)

- Znakebyte
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  • YijunYijun Registered Users 32 Posts
    I spent on gems(credits) to buy new characters.
  • YijunYijun Registered Users 32 Posts
    Runeshard can be won in event's battle. No need to buy. Welcome to HOD. Cheers!
  • WinterHordeWinterHorde Registered Users 96 Posts
    Yijun wrote: »
    I spent on gems(credits) to buy new characters.

    I agree with Yijun, gems/credits is probably your best choice. The rest you can aquire in time if you keep playing and don't miss any events. Gems/Credits, on the other hand, are harder to come by and are the only thing in the game you'll always be missing ;)
  • neangelneangel Registered Users 9 Posts
    Game for two weeks without Event, and I hung around 15k tokens. Glu slashed game ...
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