Lower prices and have specials

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Charging $55 for the sorceress and $55 for the daimyo in SvsZ Defense 2 was way too much. Now you are charging $70 for the archangel which is the equivalent of the daimyo. Gems costs on mystery boxes increased from 10 gems to 20 gems and prices on all the power ups and power up upgrades have increased too. Increasing the cost of a revive from 5 to 20 is about the only thing I might agree with because I thought 5 gems for a revive was pretty low. A small percentage of people will pay those prices, but a very large percentage won't. In my opinion gems should sell at 100 for $1 and new characters for $5 or less. I wouldn't hesitate at spending money if things were at that level.

I miss the weekly sales that the original SvsZ Defense had. Why don't you bring those back and have a random sale on something every week?


  • terrorgoilterrorgoil New Member Registered Users 24 Posts
    Yeah everything is more expensive the warrior costs a fortune to start upgrading 100 bucks for high powered arch angel and both unlockable heros here and in svz2 are listed under special deals meaning that is a special way of getting them at a higher power which in turn means they should be free but cost a lot of glu credits or gems
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    Because so many people are hating that game because of glitches and bugs
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