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I have been playing this game for a few weeks now. Having fun and its a decent game for the most part.

However i strongly suggest you play the game for awhile and see how buggy it is. Do not spend any money!

Many times while playing this game there has been a network error. This has caused me to lose fuel, energy, and money. IT HAS EVEN COST ME GOLD!!!!

Thankfully I never spend any money on free games unless completely bug free and worth it. USE YOUR ABILITY TO EARN FREE GOLD BY WATCHING VIDEOS!!!

Also gameplay needs to be tweaked a bit. Today i was playing PVP with 19 consecutive wins....i came across a player who was slightly better....i had uncommon boost for 40%, perfect tap bonus, and i even used 2 energy for the 1.5x during a motocross race....(so i could guarantee the win )this should have been a no brainer win. Instead i lose by a few tenths of a second. This isnt the first time i have come across abnormalities in the game.

Hopefully they can tweak it for better gameplay. For the most part im entertained....been annoyed more than i should though.
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