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Since all the other guides I have found are missing vital information, I have decided to make my own short guide.

I like Heroes of destiny. It has a ****py background story and you can't level higher than level 31, but you have a good variation of heroes and equipment. It is fun to play until all your heroes have reached their top level, then it will be quite boring. As for version 2, it is now possible to level up to 40!

Recently the game have been crashing all the time, hopefully there will be a fix some day, because now it is quite boring to play for me because of all the crashes.

For every 5 levels your teamlevel increase, each of your heroes get 20 hitpoints, plus some other increases in stats. When you reach 217 (7*31) which is the maximum number of levels to get without buying heroes that require gems, that would mean that 43*20 = 860 hitpoints are added to your starting hitpoints, for each hero. Because of this, don't buy any equipment in the start, just save all your money to buy new heroes when they are available, and level them.


You can get epic and legendary items from your daily rewards. But what determines which level these items are on? I am not sure, I will update this guide when I have found out more.

So far I have only gotten level 2 and level 3 items, even though I have other level 6 items gotten throught missions.


Each item has a level from level 1 to level 6. For level 1-3 and 4-6 they are rated: junk-cheap-used for the items without extra bonuses and fine-finer-finest for the items with bonuses.
Each time you fight a boss monster you open up an area where you can get items of one higher level. There are 6 boss monsters.

So you will never get a level 4 item in area I, II, III, IV, V or VI. The exception is the third or forth level of an elite mission, or the boss mission. Thats why I always play the missions in a new area again and again to get the best items, instead of going back to previously areas.

I would not upgrade any of your equipment either, because the crystal and money are better spent later on upgrading better equipment, that you think are so good that you will keep them for a long time. You get a lot of the crystal you need to upgrade equipment to level 2, but not very much of the other.

There are two stages in the game were money is scarce. In the start when you want to buy new heroes, and at the point were you want to level to 30 and 31. I don't buy equipment because they are soon obsolete. To level to level 30 you have to pay 10.000 and to level to level 31 you have to pay 20.000. With 2.0 where you can level even higher, you pay 11.000 for level 32, 12.000 for level 33 and so on. You will soon run out of money.

And I use two healers on difficult missions. Very effective. Except on boss missions, then you need all the damage dealing you can get to take out the boss.

Runic items
New in version 2.0 runic items are upgraded by using exess items, runes and runeshards. The runes and the runeshards are scarce. You can buy them for tokens and get them in events. I have not counted how many you need to level up a runic item to the top, but lets guess 1000 runes, and 50 runeshards?

To level from black to green: x runes and 1 runeshards.
From green to blue: x runes and 5 runeshards.
From blue to violet: 344 runes and 10 runeshards.


I have never used gems to get extra skillpoints. Don't know if I should or not.
There are a couple of skills that I think are very powerful and should be maxed. Bear in mind that I have only tried some of the skills.
Rognan: Whirlstorm, it does a lot of damage and can easily take out several foes.
Z'dar: Earthquake and Incinerate. Earthquake stuns all enemies, and is extremely effective. Incinerate is great agains powerful foes because you can run away while it still does damage. (I haven't maxed this one myself, but use it quite a lot)
I have also maxed the healing skills for the healers, and the passive casting speed for all the casters.

My default team consist of Rognan, Z'dar, Thea and Tlanac.


From time to time heroes goes with 30% discount. At least for the level 1, the higher level will have more discount, but be more expensive all in all. This 30% discount can actually be combined with the discount you get after completing the first mission on a heroic mission requiring a specific hero. This is a 15% discount and the two discounts will actually give you about 40% discount total. So don't do the first level of a heroic mission before you actually have enough gems to buy the hero and intend to do so. Unless there is several heroic missions with this hero.

You get 10 gems every 15 days if you log in regulary, and by watching commercials you can get quite a lot of gems. I have several heroes without using any real money.


Trying to make list of how much xp is needed, I think it is something like this:
from level 1: 80 - 120 - 170 - 230 - 290 - 350 - 400 - 460 - 520 - 580
from level 11: 640 - 690 - 750 - 810 - 860 - 920 - 990 - 1060 - 1135 - 1215
from level 21: 1300 - 1385 - 1475 - 1565 - 1660 - 1760 - 1860 - 1960 - 2060 - 2210
from level 31: 2460 - 2810 - 3260 - 3860 - 4660 - 5660 - 6910 - 8410 - 10210

This is about everything I know about the game.
Please comment this post if you have relevant information about the game that I have missed.

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