Please read and help. Thanks

HELP...I had to do a master reset to my ipad2 and I also updated to the iOS7.0.6 and save everything to iCloud or my computer. I've lost ever thing on this game. I've spent a lot of money and time playing this game and this is the second time this is happened to me. Please help I don't want to have to start all over AGAIN. Actually I won't start over. The game is awesome but that's money down the drain and I refuse to take another chance. Please please reply with help!!

I also can't open parent 3 and eternity warriors. Is this a known problem and how can infix it!?!


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    Mikey100Mikey100 Registered Users 26 Posts
    Just submit a ticket but there's a 0% chance that they will respond back because they have poor customer service and what I hate about Glu is that they always take away peoples money and I think that there actually spammers trying to trick people
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