Daily rewards?

ErikdussErikduss Registered Users 1 Posts
Hey evreyone,
I have been playing dragon slayer for around 4/5 days and i still didn't receive any daily reward.
Does anyone knows why it doesn't work? Or do i need to do something for it?
I really enjoy the game, but i realy want the reward.


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    elipoppinfreshelipoppinfresh Registered Users 1 Posts
    Im going thru the samething here. No Glu currency. I would love to upgrade but I've seen this have been happening for some time now according to the Google Play store status. The bugs must go.
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    ZeraZera Registered Users 1 Posts
    Me too i don't get any reward and by when u beat every boss u get like four to five hundreds?
    That's too low.
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    all3n69all3n69 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same thing here No daily gifts and when I earn GLU coinz the ****in disappear!!!! Get ur **** 2gether GLU addmin!!!!!!!
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    stormeaglestormeagle Registered Users 2 Posts
    This is so unfair...they must be solve the problem long time ago. But looks like glu mobile is laughing of us
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