Beginners Guide to KOP

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How do I play Knights of Puzzelot?

It's a match three-style game when it comes to battling. Icons vary from swords that will help your character attack, to shielding that provides defense from enemy attacks, to coins that you can spend to purchase buildings and unlock new weapons for your soldier.
As with any match-three game, you can match four pieces or more to unlock more powerful ones, including gold bricks, stronger swords, and health restoration bottles. Match these up and you can double your strength with ease, and overcome even the strongest foes.
Just keep a close eye on your energy meter during battle - if your character runs out of health, you lose your turn and have to start all over again!

How do I unlock new goods for my soldier in Knights of Puzzelot?

You get items via treasure chests scattered throughout each dungeon you visit, including new swords, shields and pieces of armor. As you restore your town, however, you can also purchase new ones using coins earned over the course of each quest.
Start small with your items and work your way up as you begin to clear the dungeons and open up the town. The more powerful the weapons, the easier it'll be to stomp enemies and move on to the next bunch!

What items can I upgrade in Knights of Puzzelot?

There are four general areas - weapons, shields, armor and potions. Weapons, as you may guess, are your primary tools for battling, while shields and armor work wonders on the defensive end. Potions can provide a number of effects, depending on which ones you find.
A word of advice - when you get the chance, increase your item storage in each component, which will cost you 50 coins per category. By doing this, you can store more goods at your home, switching through them before taking on a mission. You'll definitely need them for the later levels.

How do I restore buildings in Knights of Puzzelot?

First, you'll need to collect enough coins to pay for the restoration of a building, like a weapons shop or a potion-brewing location. If you wish, you can also pay a few gems in order to expedite its building process.
The second is being able to level up properly. You need to be at a certain level, like three or above, to unlock specific buildings, and then have the coins to pay for them. The key here is to just keep going through dungeons. The more you fight, the more you'll progress and eventually level up.

Do I need to pay for anything in Knights of Puzzelot?

Like most freemium games, Knights of Puzzelot requires a couple of hearts from a life meter as you enter dungeons. Once this runs out, you'll need to either wait for it to refill over time or cough up a few gems to refill it. The option is yours.
You'll earn plenty of coins and gems throughout your journey, but if you feel like buying more, you can, ranging anywhere from $2.99 for a Starter Pack to $39.99 for an XL Gem pack, which provides you quite a few to start off with. It's totally your choice, however - get through the game for a while and see what it has to offer.
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