Gun Bros-2 Account Errors !

dbluesignora11dbluesignora11 Registered Users 1 Posts
How to fix this problem?

What should i gonna do?

This message always appear everytime i tried to running Gun Bros 2 game.

The game won't start, that message occur in the beginning after movie intro.

Please help me, i already spend much money for bought any guns and glu credit.

And please contact me by my email dbluesignora11@gmail.com



Rudy Wibowo


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    siris187siris187 Registered Users 2 Posts
    bro i got the same **** problem account error on login right?? i have no idea how to fix it ive uninstalled and reinstalled relogged in when i was able to login threw fb account its totaly messed up i know. wish someone would help us out you know
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