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just wanted to mention some of the features I like in this game. (and ideas for others)

I like the multitude of hunting series in each region, this is probably my favorite thing about the game because in DH14 I always wished there were more hunts before I was stuck with only the contract hunts.

The contract hunts Icon is blue for hunts I havent done before and gray for hunts I have one. Great!

Having only one gun is something I like (others might not) It ensures that you are being challenged the way the developers intended.

In both Dinos and DH14 I have noticed that if you hit "equip" from the map screen it equips the hunter bucks weapon for that region? This sometimes upsets me, so since there isnt "equip as primary" and equip as secondary" option in dinos, maybe you could put "equip recommended" and "equip most powerful" or something, It just seems silly to me that it equips the hunter bucks rifle when I have the gold rifle. or given the lower region AR that takes 2 hits when I can be using the higher region AR that takes 1 hit. But using the recommended weapon is always good for dusting off old guns, which is why having these 2 options seems like it would be best.
I actually just came up with this suggestion while I was writing this, and I am really thinking it is a terrific idea :)

Please add the feature to downgrade parts such as sights. Its good that the player feels that they can
"customize" their weapons, you have a screenshot on the download page that claims we can customize weapons, but I dont really see anything that defends this claim.

Also this game is way above my expectations. If I came on here to list everything I liked you would be spending alot of time reading it.

Cant wait for the next update!
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    I love being able to kill multiple dinos with one bullet! It seems this only works with "HIGH POWER" rifles, I am glad that there is finally a reason to say a weapon is "High powered", it doesnt seem to mean anything in DH14 lol

    Multi-REgion still seems to actually mean "exclusive" or "limited time" haha. I understand that these are in the game so that you can make your much deserved money, but I think that more players would buy them if they KNEW that they are only available for a limited time. You might want to add a "tips" page to the options tab. There are alot of things in the game that only experienced players know.

    I know there are many things that are still to come, like it wouldnt be right for you to release bounties or gamecenter until the game releases, because beta players cant get a jump on the competition... I just cant tell you how badly I want to see what all of these features will include!

    Having the exotic series are great, I know some players would spend gold on event guns in DH14 and not complete them in time before they would expire, so these permanent are a good for cutting down the complaints, and since they payout in gold, it is good for players that have trouble gaining gold. Just all around great stuff there.

    The dino movements/reactions to being hit and attacking scenes all feel very improved from DH14

    Well like I tried to say before, I could go on forever, so next time I post I will try to only give constructive criticism now that I have given enough good feedback :)
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    I just like how the challenge is harder compared to dh 2014 welcome the trophy hunts now feel like an achievement
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    Having predators fly in from above is cool too. Have to keep looking for things outside the usual field of view that we are used to in DH2014 bird hunts instead of blindly firing at specks.
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    SubH2O wrote: »
    Having predators fly in from above is cool too. Have to keep looking for things outside the usual field of view that we are used to in DH2014 bird hunts instead of blindly firing at specks.

    They seem to swoop down on me always when I'm in the middle of reloading. I have to be more observant.
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