Ad videos for gems intentionally removed?

nshmournenshmourne New MemberRegistered Users 9 Posts
I hope this isn't the case, but after the last update today, I can no longer have an option to earn gems via watching videos.

If this was intentionally, this is really disappointing. I've been watching ad videos, which ALSO gets you revenue, for 3 gems a day. I was hoping to get some of the upgrades using these gems that built up slowly. I was hoping this would be a p2p game that actually had decent alternate methods to get gear, that didn't involve ponying up cash.

Please give another way to get gems. I don't even mind paying to support the game. I'm waiting for a decent $5 set to help support the game, but if the freebie videos aren't an option, I'm definitely not buying an in game item. I only play these games if it's *possible* to get it all via no-money purchases, that way I know it's a fair game, even if it takes 1/3 of a year to have enough gems to get a good upgrade. It has to be possible.



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