New update -puzzle darkening

CydiraCydira New MemberRegistered Users 6 Posts
I hate it. The game is still slow and stuttering, but now it ALSO deeply dims the screen after I've moved, so it flickers?

Hell no. I've stuck with this broken game for a while now, but this is likely it. The game worked for me because the pieces were big and clear, but the darkening breaks it for me.

It's sad, because this game had such potential. Even unlocking five inventory slots for gold purchase in this last update (and nixing the darkening) would have been enough to get me to stay (and pay, since it would have been a good-faith gesture on the developer's part). But no.


  • nshmournenshmourne New Member Registered Users 9 Posts
    Yup. completely agree. it's annoying as hell.

    When making major changes that effect visuals like this, they could at least give an option to disable it. it just makes it harder to focus.
  • Shin SoldierShin Soldier Junior Member Registered Users 65 Posts
    The darkening of the screen is horrible. Hopefully it will be resolved. A little disappointed there was no event this week but I'm sure they'll make up for it somehow.
  • XaiostickXaiostick New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    well apart from all hate, the speed of healing of the enemies from dark magic, has greatly improved. also on a side note. we know hae 'legendary items'. but ive only gotten the "Battle Bard" and "Totem Prophet" gear. they have a very nice stat boost. But as of right now you cant upgrade any of the legendary equipment in the shops
  • KinksKinks New Member Registered Users 7 Posts
    Didn't think I would be alone on this one. It adds nothing to the game for me. I was never confused about when I was / wasn't able to move.
  • WolverinxWolverinx New Member Registered Users 15 Posts
    Fixed one bug and 2-3 more new bugs appear, the hell?
  • Sm1thSm1th New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    Yes, it's true: the dimming sucks *****. One step forward, then two steps back. We aren't stupid, please revert the dimming.
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