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I recently had the maximum number of creatures allowed, so I went and sold all of the 592 and below (and btw I had just went and maxed them all out only 1 creature before I was full) I then was upset to see that even though I spent a lot of sparks upgrading them, the sell price wasn't much higher then a freshly hatched creature. The worst part of the experience though was finding out that I couldn't get the starter creatures back; vinepup, aquid, blazoid and rocky. Unless I spend gold in the store! But I guess you have to make money somehow.


Ok now that I am done with my having to sell creatures rant, although I still don't know if I can fill collections without selling them eventually, let's talk about all the other little things..

When I need more sparks or to incubate a stronger creature to bring up my power, I go playing missions I already completed,
I think there should be something that makes it clear which ones were Heros, so I don't need to keep seeing the popups.
Next I want to know what differences there may be between the 3 and 6 energy missions as well as the rewards for different islands.
I love seeing the blazoid on the jetski!!!

Ok and as for the "PVP" I noticed that around 30 win streak the game runs out of new creatures and higher rewards, so it starts mixing up all the creatures into one team and the sparks reward goes from 7500 to 25 so I just restarted the win streak. ( assuming this is a beta thing)
But I did have a problem battling volug... VTMHmxO.jpg

I like to think that picture sums up the problem, I kill him and it gets stuck. This was the only time I have seen him, but I retried that battle with the same result opponent comatosity.

*Edit: I just battled him again with a different PVP opponent and again it got stuck. I am concerned that I wont be able to finish the game past his first appearance in the actual missions.*

This along with anything else I ran into I found a workaround, like I just closed and restarted the app and battled a different opponent.

We'll I think that sums it up for now, although I feel I am missing something.

Just remembered, why does flurry attack seem so much weaker from stormix than from slider, when stormix has twice the power rating?

Let me know if you have any questions

P.s. Is there any update in the works?
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    DjRadNaDDjRadNaD Registered Users 1,448 Posts
    Just wanted to share 2 glitches I had the other day, both were easily worked around by simply closing/reopening the app



    The first I killed a creature with my last creature, the enemy attacked, and then my first creatures turn I never had my attack options popup and thus was stuck, but the first enemy creature was highlighted as being targeted even though it isnt very easy to tell in the image

    The second image, I won, but just after my 1st creature made the winning attack, I kept clicking and my 2nd creature started attacking when there was noone left just as the this script cam up, and the game got stuck, no matter where I clicked it just stayed like that.

    [EDIT] I just recreated the 2nd image on a new arena, but the game froze before the script popped up, I attacked with my baby dragon after already winning and the game froze. and also was noticing that when I attacked an enemy baby dragon (sorry I dont care to look up their names, plus i am in this battle still after game reopened) they have the special ability to attack back when attacked, and they just kinda disappear to do this attack, which is odd
    My device: iPhone 5c
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