So, I'm at Party level 67 with only the original party (no bought/gem members) stuck!

taosk8rtaosk8r Registered Users 2 Posts
I have just beat the fire demon guy by the skin of the teeth with only my level 14 archer (I guess she has died so much she is way behind the 17-18 level of my other party members).. For a LOOONG time the recommended level for my party has basically 1 shotted even my Tiberius character (maybe two at the most)..

I'm thinking the game is pretty well over for me at this point, I dont feel like watching 400 videos to earn free gems, every level that is weak enough for my archer to survive makes no visible dent on the experience bar, and I'm faced with the reality that even if I did start levelling after purchasing more characters with gems, my party level is going to advance at a rate that wont give me an accurate indication..

Is it pretty much time to uninstall (Im on an IOS7 Ipad mini) wiping everything and just replay? Is that my only viable path forward at this point?


  • taosk8rtaosk8r Registered Users 2 Posts
    I'm getting the clue that they didn't intend this game to be beatable without buying stuff.. Oh well..

    Perhaps I will start all over, unless anyone else has any ideas I've missed..
  • kingrobertkingrobert Registered Users 35 Posts
    You can buy some characters with coins instead of gems, and you can win 2 characters from the events. It will definitely be tough without using gems though but just keep farming and leveling
  • IggyiseasyIggyiseasy Registered Users 1 Posts
    Im party lvl 83- i can beat lvl 32 quests- yet there are 2 lvl 20 quests that are still impossible!! This is retarded- and of course 1 is a blue arrow dealie too!! My trick for keeping party members fairly even in lvls is by doing low lvl quests with just 2 dudes- healer and archer- gets them extra exp while getting extra $ and gems too :)
  • EziekialEziekial Registered Users 166 Posts
    you an bear the game with out buying stuff just very hard and takes skill and timing. use tapjoy to get some gems to buy the needed characters but don't waste it on the gear.
  • Wineman89Wineman89 Registered Users 19 Posts
    Here's a thread on Glu credits that might help if you're using Android.
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