Missing equipment from storage

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Thanks for settling the warriors key for warriors chest problem. However, I had some problems with missing equipment from my storage.
Initially when used the basic key for basic chest during the event, even though I had used 3 keys, when I checked back, I only had 2 of the 3 items remaining in the merchant storage. Didn't think much about it since it was just basic items.
Now, when I used warriors key for warrior chest, I got a cursed sword initially. But after I withdrew an extra warriors key and then used it, the cursed sword had disappeared from my merchant storage.
I used the warriors key another 3 times and got guardian shield, gambler's helmet and frost pythons helmet. But after withdrawing some earlier items to sell, when I got back into the merchant storage, I noticed that I only have the gambler'shelmet and guardian shield remaining for the 'item does not expire'.
I don't mind losing the basic item or the cursed sword, but losing the frost pythons helmet? Its not often that can get a purple item...
Hope someone could check it out. Thanks.
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