don't update the game

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Recently since GLU updated Robocop all data was lost....lost all tier weapons won or purchased. ..lost all suits won or purchased... lost over 4221 nodes points....lost over 3 million in Glu money...was a level 41 and since the stupid update now level 3....WTH, is going on...Question is GLU going to fix this or are we just S..T out luck...I sent ticket in and still no response...I guess it is because they don't know how to fix it...You should test your updates better before putting them out. Sure Sucks. ..Robocop was about 4 stars now not even worth 1 star. Sure would like to know what GlU is going to would be nice to hear from an admin about this screw up. Glu you should apologize to all your consumers who payed money to you and in returned got screwed. Hope you can fix it but I think it is asking to much. Thanks.
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