Best way to kill the golem "nio guardian"

DarkneZzDarkneZz New Member5 PostsRegistered Users
Hello, i have got to wave 38 and there are a lot other zombies that are way better, but the Guardian is just my biggest problem because when they have got to my gate i normally start buying handmaiden, because they can do some very good damage without being hit, but this Guardian is the only one who can hit them, so what should i do? I would be very happy if someone would help me out here, i have tried to win that wave a lot of times without succes


  • EdictEdict New Member 23 PostsRegistered Users
    Some zombies/demons are best tackled by hitting them and then stepping through them. If you time it correctly, you'll avoid getting hit, can move back to hit them again, and repeat, without them moving toward your gate at all. Just step through a little past where they hit and you should easily kill the guardian.
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