Spellbook of Black Magic

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I have a question on this shield item. It is a high-level item that was included in one of the Hero Packs to purchase. It is a violet diamond shield, offers an attack value of 216 and 355 hearts at level 52 (I don't know if those figures are inky relative to each knight's standing, but it's a *really* powerful shield). My question is what good is it to us? It produces shadows when multiple shield are combined in the board. I thought those shadows woukd help me, but the monsters still benefit from them!! I played two days and could never get past a stalemate as I would combine shields for potions, shadows would appear, and we both were immortals battling out until exhaustion. I finally had to quit when even when I tried not to produce the shield combos, those shadows still appeared, probably because even a 3-shield match would put shadows on the board. I'm so frustrated because the tool appears to be useless. Has someone else used this shield successfully to an end game?

BTW, I am currently at level 52, so I am not new to this game. Also, my game is in French, so the name I used is my best translation; the name may be slightly different in other games.
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