This game is full of ****

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How do i delete this ?


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    Zekel wrote: »
    How are you going change the points system 2/3 in the tournament ? I'm beggining to think all you guys care about is the money bc , instead of fixing the actual game or the rewards for the tourny, you guys make a double event points so people can think they have a fighting chance to go top 3 bc the top players are not really active. Im getting really fraustrated by this game and losing interest very fast and I know im not the only player that feels like this. I been making excuse for this game, thats mot happening no more. Its a fun game but if theres no changes in 3 weeks time im done and im sure many other players are fed up and probly
    Gonna stop playing bc we already lost so many players already.

    FYI:to my fellow players if any1 think there take top 3 from me save your money i got 40 battle pots saved up, marquise probly has the same so dont waster your hard earn money

    FYI he's talking ****he ain't got jack marquis on the other hand is on another level but zekell nah easy pickin trust me 3rd is open might as well take it he already got 2 XXX let's not hand him another 1 for free
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    Maybe he has a JB device...
    Who knows?
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