Messed up sounds

DeathShadow007DeathShadow007 Registered Users 593 Posts
Guess I'll wait and see if the next update fixes it. Lol. Acrocanthosauruses sound like elephants trumpeting and the Austroraptors sound like the deer from DH14. The Tupuxuaras sound like rhinos from DH14 as well. :p
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  • todfoxxtodfoxx Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    Yeah, had that happen to me on DH during the 4th of July event. A update corrected it.
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  • DeathShadow007DeathShadow007 Registered Users 593 Posts
    To be honest, some of the messed up sounds sound cool. Like the Struthiomimus have unused Nodosaurus roars. And the Hadrosauruses use unused Tupuxuar/flying dino screeches. And some of the screeches sound either robotic or zombified; they sounded really creepy. Makes me wonder what kind of events Glu had in store for Dinos.
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