Daily Rewards Reset Problem?

DirectFXDirectFX Registered Users 110 Posts
I'm new to forums and hope this isn't a topic covered already. I was on day 28/30 for the daily rewards going for the 30 day #1 pick reward when low and behold I played today and got the reward screen showing in somehow back to day 1 ...!!! I couldn't believe the game set me back 30 days as I wasted all the time making sure to play everyday to get the #1 pick draft reward. Has this happened to anyone else? If so any help on how to resolve this would be appreciated. I only got playoff rewards.

Does it also seem the daily reward pages doesn't show up everyday? It seems I play some days goes straight into games section and I play as others the reward page pops up first thing..

Any help appreciated as I'm kinda mad losing #1 pick and game is pretty good so don't wanna quit because they can't keep daily rewards from not reseting
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