Such an attitude to the consumer, defamatory your company.

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Leaders Glu you consider yourself a serious businessman, but you absolutely do not care about the opinion of players, so I want to know who will reimburse me the time spent on the game (specifically event where hung coins 15k). If you have discontinued support for the game, should have been informed about it in advance.


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    Totally agree !!
    It's a shame ! We spent time and money and no information from you about your abandonment of this game !! I encourage all players to open an account and post what they think about your comportment ! Glu ? No more, Never, ever ! You can count on my awful advertising !!
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    Good Morning,

    I am a user of the game Heroes of Destiny and sadly realized that you no longer support the game and releasing missions .

    I would request the opening of missions , for a time , so that all players can exchange their prizes.

    And most importantly, to evolve the weapons we need stones that are only achieved in the missions . I also suggest that exchange this form of evolution, or make available items , including rune weapons in stores . Or as a daily prize, no matter.

    We know that the game can be modified as the company's strategy , but how we spend real money, it is appropriate for a company the size of Glu not only give satisfaction to customers as support.

    Anyway , as a marketing strategy , I believe the team could return to the dynamics of the game normally and set a deadline for the closure of its support , thus giving a chance for us players , organize ourselves better.

    That would change the image that the company left today , since before the incident, I myself would not play any more of the Glu and do such advertising to my friends . I would love to change my opinion, but only depend on you.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Hopefully meet my request.

    Looking forward to responses.

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    GLU Hates US
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