Toughest Pitches to hit?

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For me the toughest pitches are cutters and two seamers especially the ones that look like a strike then move out of the zone. Breaking ***** can be tough too even if you time them well. I haven't seen any of the rarer pitches though. Any others that are hard to hit?


  • Maida_gcMaida_gc Registered Users 172 Posts
    The sinker, that bounces in front of the plate despite coming right down the pipe. Fransico Lirano 4* pitcher is killing me.
  • princebizzprincebizz Registered Users 32 Posts
    It is my belief that the late breaking pitches are much tougher to judge. As far as hitting them hard, if you know the pitcher has them, expect them, they are hit just as hard as any other pitch. It's just the strike/ball judgement you will struggle with. The computer basically decides whether you are going to get a hit or not, your timing has less to do with it than you think.

    As far as AI opponents, your pitchers pitches Will not make a difference, the stats make the difference.

    You can use this as a strategy when playing human or an AI.

    I will say RA dickey's knuckle ball is tough, the first time you face it and maybe the first inning every time you face him, but it's slow and you pick up on the movement pattern.

    The game has many variations of the fastball that are very late breaking ( sinker, moving, rising? Idk , two seam ( most common ) and cutter ) all very difficult to judge. I want to say I've seen a splitter too, maybe not, May have been a sinker.
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    The games will end eventually. If you're sure they won't play, don't use the remind button. I think that may delay the game ending
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    princebizz wrote: »
    It is my belief that the late breaking pitches are much tougher to judge.

    I also doubt the timing to swing or which ball you choose to swing doesn't matter too much.
    The pitcher's stats and the game setup configuration decide everything.

    Sometimes my game crashes and caused by non-stop blue circle rolling. It is possible for me to get a roll back inning and I can play this inning again.

    I found that the pitcher throw the same type of breaking ball with same direction following the same pitching sequence. If I swung the first ball and then ground out or field out in the previous crashed inning, I will skip this pitch and wait for the next ball. This seems to make the inning differently.

    I am guessing that there might be some unknown probability behind each pitching and the logic behind this game is like the following procedure.

    When game starts,
    1. The server will calculate and arrange the pitching sequence. For example, 1. Curve 2.Fastball 3.Cutter....
    2. Every pitching has a hidden attribute to decide whether your batter can get hits or not. For example,
    1. curve 10%
    2. Fastball 5%

    Based on such setup, you can let the game become a pitcher's game(scoring ability decreased) or batter's game(huge scoring ability).
  • ~Lawman~~Lawman~ Registered Users 370 Posts
    Hey Jemic, you are spot on with your assessment. I too have encountered the "roll back inning" but often times I had scored multiple runs, and lost my progress. I agree that if you can remember which pitches caused your batter to make an out, let that pitch go.

    I have a strategy that has worked very well for me. If a pitcher has a low to mid accuracy number, I tend to let as many pitches go, thus forcing a 3-1 or 3-2 count. More times than not, the next pitch is a fastball down the middle, or at least a strike.

    In the end, I do in fact believe that the program decides whether the batter will get a hit. I think the only thing you can do, is increase the probability of a hit.
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    can i join you plz
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    The gaminy will going to end ultimately. Only use remind button if you are sure about the button
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