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Hi Glu bosses, I have played Frontline Cammando for quite some time now. I just back into playing after I got a new phone. I had reached level 15 on my old phone and couldn't go any further except to play the one man army and that got pretty boring. But I'm back playing again and also started playing Cammando 2. I had been saving my Glu gold coins to buy the best weapons, but I was playing C-2 and wanted to upgrade my squad so I used my Glu gold to do that. NOWHERE WAS I EVER TOLD OR SEEN WRITE THAT I WOULD BE USING MY GOLD FROM MY OTHER FRONTLINE CAMMANDO GAME????!!!??? This was very UPSETING to me and I don't think that is fair without being told! What is up with that???? I wish I would have been told this because I NEVER would have used all my gold if I knew I was using it from the other game. I almost feel like Uninstaller BOTH OF THEM. If you look at my records you will also see I've spent a lot of money (to me) especially in other games that I just don't think that is fair without telling me this. Please contact me or give me back my 200 gold coins. I'll wait to hear from you before I uninstall to see if you play fair... Thanks and look forward to an answer and some coins. TSnarl
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