Is there somewhere to view...

Travis34Travis34 New MemberRegistered Users 9 Posts
... your inventory? It would be so helpful.

Drinks, band aids, pill things, etc.. Why can't we see how many we have? the game warns us we need to use x many to play or do things, yet how can I ever know how many I have? And it seems odd that in the game you get "1 energy drink" as a reward but it costs like 70 for pvp at times. At that rate we would all be out in one tourney


  • MidTownMidTown New Member Registered Users 10 Posts
    When it ask you to use it the numer of x is the amount you have,
    You said it asks you to use 70 battle drinks that means you HAVE 70 battle drinks and if you press it will use one!
  • Travis34Travis34 New Member Registered Users 9 Posts
    Oh my gosh. I feel ridiculous now. Thank you
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