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silent witnesssilent witness Registered Users 11 Posts
does anyone knows how to ue the bonus rewards to buy or upgrade weapons in dino hunter.


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    TacobellskiTacobellski Registered Users 1 Posts
    This must be a bug.

    No way to use bonus rewards for any weapons upgrades or in-app currency that I've discovered. It's frustrating to accumulate bonus points, over 800 so far, and watch them just sit there.
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    SubH2OSubH2O Registered Users 603 Posts
    By "bonus rewards," I assume you mean the blue crystals...

    They are relatively new, and were first able to be spent in the Darman Harvester event in Region 8 that came out for the American Thanksgiving holiday (Episode 6, I believe). I think it is still the only event (for now) that uses them.

    You will need far more than your 800. I had over 1500 on entering the event and had to grind out more contract hunts to finish. Expect to need close to 2000 crystals when you get there.
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    DinoDeerHunterDinoDeerHunter Registered Users 144 Posts
    i got 8888 blue gems and they ain't working man lol they probally don't have the new stuff yet maybe not till xmas or new year?
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