Darmen Gigawatt REAL money??

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I am on level 39 and in Region 8. I have 8 of the 9 map pieces needed to move to level 9. I have got this far without spending any REAL money or REAL money to buy glu credits. My glu credits are constantly disappearing so I don't trust them. ANyway, I went to complete the Gigawatt series and the only way to buy the Gigawatt gun is with glu credits that cost $20!!! That is ridiculous. Have the people that are past region 8, did you have to buy your gun too or is something wrong with my game? Any help would be appreciated. I can post a pic of my region 8 screen and the gigawatt need 480 glu credits. I"m not willing to spend $20 but I do love this game.


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    I purchased every weapon in R8 with Hunter Bucks or Crystals. Currently all the exotics are on sale for 99 Glu credits(gold) wich costs $5. Much better deal. Sounds like maybe you're missing an update or you can try clearing the cache in Dino Hunter in your apps settings. Do you play on a Kindle? Over the last 7 months I have lost literally hundreds of gold without explanation on my kindle. Hope this helps
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    Yes, I do play on Kindle. Someone mentioned it was an Amazon thing. That if playing on different device, the gun can be bought with crystals. I like playing on the kindle and not on ipod. I thought it updated by itself every time you logged on to the game. I dd clear cache and force stopped it. I even tried going on without wifi and that didn't work either. Oh well. Thanks for your help though.
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    Not all updates are automatic.
    If that was your assumption, try going to your app store to look for an update there.
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    I did check the app store but there was nothing. Someone mentioned it had to do with Amazon. IDK. It just sucks though.
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