Gone as far as I can

Bill1957Bill1957 Advanced MemberRegistered Users 972 Posts
I finished dino as far as I can for the second time. I can't get the map pieces to open Region 9 so I'll end it in Region 8. I'll just let the game sit here for awhile then delete it. Dino's is extinct just like the real Dino's.
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  • blue ridgeblue ridge Experienced Member Registered Users 442 Posts
    For what it's worth, it's all downhill after 8 anyway...
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  • Fodder4UFodder4U New Member Registered Users 7 Posts
    Well if you figure it out you will only get to region 10 and it has only one series and a contract hunt and that is it.
  • Bill1957Bill1957 Advanced Member Registered Users 972 Posts
    Oh, I know all that. I've completed all 10 regions on my old phone. This was my second go around. If I do it a third time I'll stop after region 7. Region 8 was way too many contract hunts to upgrade the weapons.
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  • The CripplerThe Crippler New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    It was a great concept. However, playing 190 times to acquire a weapon that costs more than 6,000 crystals
    when you can only get 32 a game. Really? Who has time for that? This is just taking too long and requiring
    too much time. I think it is time to delete. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Deer Hunter is way better, anyway.
  • ruffshotruffshot Junior Member Registered Users 63 Posts
    This game and glu sucks. 300 million in hunter bucks are worthless. Haven't been here in weeks and still no new hunts in r-10. Quit playing with yourselves and let us know if the game is dead for good. Oh and btw f u c k you glu!!
  • TdubTdub Advanced Member Registered Users 706 Posts
    ruffshot wrote: »
    This game and glu sucks..... Oh and btw f u c k you glu!!

    And yet you keep coming back...class act.
    Say What??
  • ruffshotruffshot Junior Member Registered Users 63 Posts
    Tdub wrote: »
    And yet you keep coming back...class act.

    Wouldn't you if you played countless hours to earn 300 million hb's? I didn't recall asking for your opinion. Kindly keep your opinions of my posts to yourself or message me directly if you have any class. Pea brain. That must be your actual picture on your profile.
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