No umpire voice in game

ReplicantsReplicants Experienced MemberRegistered Users 105 Posts
I just got a Samsung tablet and it only gets crowd noise hits and the music but no umpire voice. Anyone have this issue? This also happened on a different tablet l had. Works fine on Samsung phone.


  • Jared5150Jared5150 New Member Registered Users 39 Posts
    This used to happen to me on my iPhone 5 once in a while. I'd just turn the sound off then on again and it would work. I'm not sure how it is now. I got so used to playing with the sound off, that I quit turning it on at all a long time ago lol
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 841 Posts
    Yeah. I've had this happen. If I exited the app and went back in, it usually righted itself. Prob a small glitch.
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