Dominant pitching performance against Legends!!!

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Last night, I saw one of the most spectacular pitching displays against Legends I have ever had. In game 1, Felix Hernandez pitched the first 6 innings, allowing 1 hit and 15 strikeouts!!! While my other relievers did give up some hits, they did not give up any runs. The game ended in an 11-0 shutout.

I've now recorded 3 shutouts against Legends, but no pitcher dominated their lineup like King Felix did.

In game 2, Cueto pitched a real gem too. Giving up only 1 run in a 6 inning stint, on the way to a 14-3 romp.

It was a rare series sweep of Legends, as there was no drama in this one.

I know my friend Amused is going to ask, so it's my 23rd series win against the Legend's team.

I only pitched Hernandez and Cueto, and then used ice packs.

If someone can tell me how to post a screenshot, I'll post the 6th inning comment that Hernandez has struck out 15 so far.


  • baseball_fanbaseball_fan New Member Registered Users 45 Posts
    This is something I learnt from your suggestions. Pitch only Hernandez and Cueto against Legends, and use ice packs.
    BTW, I have only won 5 series against them. And starting the 6th one today. Long way to go before I can come upto yours and Amused stats.
  • Clark22Clark22 Experienced Member Registered Users, Member 324 Posts
    Wow, that's awesome!
  • ~Lawman~~Lawman~ Experienced Member Registered Users 370 Posts
    I am still in awe that Hernandez whiffed 15 out of the 18 Legend's batters he faced!!!
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 821 Posts
    Nice work Lawman. I figured you had swept them already. Makes you wish you could have watched Felix's performance.
  • ~Lawman~~Lawman~ Experienced Member Registered Users 370 Posts
    Amused, I have swept them 4 times before, but this was a true lambasting. Not one game was within 6 runs.

    I have to pay credit where credit is due, as you were the first person to tell me to ice pack my starters. Kudos!!!
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 821 Posts
    Looks like it. Now you can start all over again at Rookie ball in 2015 version. With your 1 1/2 star starters. Lol. Plus from a screen shot Robotstove showed me there is a category after Legends called Greatest of all time.
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    You can use photobucket to upload your snapshot and share it in the forum.
    A tutorial is here

    It is totally free!!
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