What's the best use of 300 gold?

ZooZoosZooZoos New MemberRegistered Users 4 Posts
I just got to the MVP level and I got a bunch of gold as a reward. Is it worth it to roll for one SP, three first round picks, or one #1 pick? My SPs are all three stars and my hitters are all 3.5 stars.

Also, do hitting upgrades affect you when you play or just when you sim?


  • StarCatStarCat Experienced Member Registered Users 269 Posts
    Welcome to the forum! 300 gold won't get you a lot, depending on your lineup. If you're itching to spend it, and want to improve your starting pitching staff, perhaps consider the Four Star Knockout Tournament. You spend 200 gold, but if you win all four games without a loss, you get your 200 gold back, plus a 4* SP.

    Or, you might want to wait until a draft pick sale, and in the meantime, try to accumulate more gold. I don't recommend drafting position-specific, since the odds are stacked against you. Upgrades are good, whether you're playing a human or computer.
  • ~Lawman~~Lawman~ Experienced Member Registered Users 370 Posts
    I agree with StarCat. Don't let the 300 gold burn a hole in your pocket. Accumulate more and wait for an event to get a guaranteed player, instead of rolling the dice for a probable dud.

    Good luck with your team.
  • Clark22Clark22 Experienced Member Registered Users, Member 324 Posts
    Definitely upgrades and then next would be an event.
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