2015 Taps Sport Baseball is a Joke

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To all of you feeling like you're missing out -- you're definitely not! It's nowhere near being ready for market. The thing has more bugs than the Amazon jungle. You can literally start 20 games, play a few innings, then log in the next day to zero active games, and zero games showing as "their turn". So you start 20 more and it happens again.

I've been stuck on the same level for a week and a half because I can't complete a game. Then, out of a nowhere a completed game will pop up showing you lost 1-0 and got 0 hits. Obviously a default and it gets counted on your win-loss record. How can I default a game when I log in 12 times a day?! It's not worth spending a dime on this game until it's fixed, and even then I would argue that you shouldn't spend a dime on Glu games. I will continue logging to collect my daily reward, but outside of that it's back to 2014 until they update 2015. Hopefully they fix this before 2016 gets released. It's like Glu just went public and is trying to maximize profit at the expense of the gamers experience. I'm getting really close to bailing on this game altogether and finding something more productive to do with my time. Anyone play Smash Hit? It's a great game.

I can't even imagine the number of tickets they would have if they opened this up to the U.S.A.
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