Metrics way off!

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I would love the see the pitchers and to a smaller extent more realistic metrics of the pitchers!

Aroldis Chapman is rated 9 1 9 and is real easy to rough him up. He is listed as the #1 closer by most fantasy baseball experts.

Clayton Kershaw is a BEAST! we all know that! He is one of, if not the top pitcher in baseball. His stat line is
9 9 9, but interestingly enough his average fastball lands him at #21 of all qualified starting pitchers last year.

Pitchers whom have a higher fast ball average Include (number represents TSB velocity)

Alfredo Simon 3

Yordano Ventura 5

Garrett Richards 6

Henderson Alvarez 3

Edinson Volquez 4

Jeff Samardija 6

Nathan Eovaldi 4

It is interesting to see some of the "true" fireball pitchers with such low ratings when it comes to velocity!

Chapman is the only pitcher to average over 100 with his fastball! Kershaw rated the same velocity throws 7MPH slower on average.

Just some food for thought!


  • tbattitbatti Experienced Member Registered Users 432 Posts
    what they should be doing is ranking the players MLB abilities 1 through what ever number the end is and then apply TSB abilities based on X % get 9, 8 etc all the way down to 1.

    I understand Kershaw is #21 if you say but he'd still be in the top percentile for 9 velocity.
  • ScottyCameronScottyCameron Experienced Member Registered Users 188 Posts
    My whole point is not to say that Kershaw is not deserving to get a 9 in velocity, but rather they seemingly just throw random numbers to players to get the desired star. I have no problem with Kershaw throwing 100-102 mph in the game, even though his average is only 93 on his fastball.

    I would much rather see a scale that includes numbers to 100 or a scale of 1.0-9.9 or 10.

    Chapman is a HORRIBLE choice to put in as a reliever in TSB. If you were to look at the comparable stats of the 5 star players in TSB to their real stats Chapman out performs almost every single one of them on the field.
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    Yeah let's See Chapmans 105 mph fastball!
  • ZooZoosZooZoos New Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    Prince Fielder has 5 power, Arismendy Alcantara has 7.
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