Anyone still playing this game?

wowenkhowowenkho New MemberRegistered Users 4 Posts
I was just curious since I see that most of the posts are from 2013 and 2014. :p


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    I went through all the levels with the Kunoichi a couple years ago. I was going to do all the levels with the other characters, but I got tired of the game, but I still do the daily challenge because I was trying to collect all the champions. However after getting the mystery box every day since maybe a week after this game came out I still only have 9 of the 21 golden champions. I have stats on pretty much all the allies and even made a couple manuals detailing that stats, but somehow my stats got deleted and I didn't feel like typing them in again since no one really plays this game. In Defenders and Dragons which is nearly identical to this game I have all the golden champions that you can get.
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    awwww... your posts about ally stats have been truly helpful, by the way. :D
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