Glitches, Cheats & Gameplay.

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Not sure if anyone from Glu reads these or cares, but I figure I'll post anyway.

Prime Events - Few weeks back I was in first by over 30,000 (I had 50,000+ with second at barely over 20,000) points with less than an hour to go. Had played a **** ton over the weekend and was well ahead. Suddenly with 10 minutes to go, I'm in second place and first had 78,000+ points. There's NO WAY anyone got that many points in that little time. Auto Play wouldn't have won that many games in a row, and to play the amount of games needed for that many points, in less than an hour, there's no way. Sent Glu a message, no one replied. Now, after a few hours of the events starting you've got players with 100,000 points. I've started games with three of the "winners" after the events ended and none of them had the First Place player on their roster. What gives? Are these events just bogus to begin with? Impossible to win?

Cheats - Glu needs to make an option where I can choose to opt out of playing players who AutoPlay. I don't care if you AutoPlay against the computer in bonus games or in Prime Events, but I'd rather not play AutoPlayers in head to head games. Not really "cheaters" but no point for semantics.

GamePlay - Game freezes or crashes far more than the old Tap Sports Baseball does. The Daily and Weekly Leaders pages are bogus as well. On the first day of the week, your Daily & Weekly rankings should be the exact same, but rarely are. I don't mind paying a few bucks here and there to support the game and continue playing it, but not if they make it impossible to reach the top.


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    Speaking of the events, it's actually pretty easy to get that many points in a short amount of time. The guy was probably just saving up his gold for a last minute win so you didn't have time to catch back up. If you win all of the games I believe it would only take about 300 gold or maybe 400 to get 50k+ in one run.

    Which level are you at? If you're at a lower level you'll find people that have really really good teams, yet they're still semi-pro. This is so they can exploit the events and win every game they play. Glu needs to fix these events and match you up with people with similar team ratings rather than go by level.
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    Yeah, after a 15ish game streak you start to get 6000, 7000, 8000 etc per game and the timer seems to reset to 4ish minutes after you autoplay through a game. The rewards are pretty bugged though as I won an event last week and when I clicked the "see if you won" button it said I didn't win and after a week they still haven't straightened it out
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    I agree about Auto play. I think the worst part is when people get rewarded with 6 runs by auto playing, and the guy who actually played to get the lead to enable auto play in the first place gets the shaft. I'm not talking about the bare minimum 3 run lead, either, I've had people auto play back from 6 down before. And that's with everything in my favor, batting, pitching, upgrades.
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    Greetings. What’s the deal on Tap Baseball 2017? I just noticed during gameplay, a ball circling the pitching mound while I’m up to bat. I’ve played over 350 games and never seen it before.  Anyone know why it’s doing that? 
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