Suggestion: Add "Deny Challenge" option

idk if Glu actually reads these forums but whatever...

i really think there should be an option to deny a challenge from someone. as i keep leveling up, a lot of people keep sending rematches and they're still at a lower level then me (i'm currently at the Star level and still getting rematches from Rising Stars and even some Veterans). it gets really annoying not being able to start a new game with someone at the same level of me since i keep getting rematches and there's a limit to how many games you can have at a time.

i'm thinking of just resigning from them but can they still start a rematch if i do that? and do you get a loss from that too?


  • Jared5150Jared5150 Registered Users 39 Posts
    I believe you only get a loss if you're losing when you resign
  • JonnydamanJonnydaman Registered Users 53 Posts
    You can still resign if they don't score, but if they do then you would lose a division win. It would be nice if they gave you the option to buy accept or decline before you see the score so you won't be locked into a game.
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