How much harder is ALL-STAR

K-DK-D Experienced MemberRegistered Users 378 Posts
I have been sitting at Star level for a few weeks because I didn't realize it's better to stay low level after I always leveled up to Star so I am wondering if it's worth leveling up to All-Star and how much better the rewards are there? Any good or bad(whatever you choose) lol, info is much appreciated


  • unrealgmunrealgm Junior Member Registered Users 71 Posts
    stay low, don't level up unless you are full 4.5 / 5 star with a stockpile of gold. I stayed in veteran until I was able to make a run all the way up to the top. Last thing you want is to start your run to GOAT and get stuck at a lower level if your team is not good enough.
  • Wolf McCallisterWolf McCallister Experienced Member Registered Users 132 Posts
    I'm still at veteran and I have mostly 4.5 players... What is all the gold for? Is it still possible to get a stockpile?
  • unrealgmunrealgm Junior Member Registered Users 71 Posts
    gold is for grabbing prime players, very needed at the higher levels.
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