Why is staying at a low level better?

I don't really understand this too much but it seems to be common knowledge on this forum. a lot of people suggest staying at a low level for a while to improve your team there (one person even claimed to have stayed at the Star level for like 3 weeks if i'm remembering correctly, with all 4 star+ guys).

i didn't find this advice until i had just gotten to All-Star. had i heard it when i was at the Rookie or Semi-Pro level, i probably would have followed this advice since it seems to make sense at first glance. however, after actually playing the game, and always leveling up asap, it just doesn't make sense at all.

i'm assuming the reason people stay low is because the competition would obviously be easier. how can it not when you have a 4 star+ team and everyone else only has maybe one or two 3.5 star players at best? the only logical reason i can see anyone doing this is if they want to have an undefeated or near undefeated season (which of course, doesn't matter). so if you want to be that guy who brags about having the best win/loss percentage, go ahead. it's not impressive in the slightest when you're not doing anything but demolishing rookies.

i don't see really any other benefits of staying low besides that.

by not leveling up, you miss out on so much more: the rewards for leveling up, more money after each inning, more money/gold after completing a game, higher draft pick rewards after completing a game, quick games (can't be played if you're in the playoffs), and one huge factor, experience- do you really think you can take on a 5 star pitcher, even a 4 star pitcher for that matter, when you are so used to 1-3 star pitchers?

if your goal is to get to GOAT as fast as possible, staying low doesn't make sense either. now, i've only just got to Elite just a few hours ago so i still have a ways to go before GOAT. but simple logic would show that leveling up would be faster. while you're down in Semi-Pro winning meaningless games, i'm in Elite grinding away. maybe i lose a few while you're on 50 game win streak. doesn't matter. you're still going to have to catch up.

not only is it pointless to stay low, you're being a complete d-bag for doing it. you have you're 5 star team facing a rookie after rookie. you're cool.

so there, staying low doesn't make sense. is there something that i'm completely missing here? please correct me if i'm wrong.


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    It's basically to farm event rewards. Got a better chance at stringing together longer win streaks in the Quick/Prime events in lower levels. That way you can load up on #1 picks, 1st round picks, franchise coins, etc. One thing I've done is play the leagues that reward #1 draft picks. I've waited to see how my away games went before I started playing my home games...that way I can pretty much control where I place. I've thrown a game against one guy to give him the first place finish for the player reward, while I take 2nd for the #1 pick.
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    I see your point, in '14 I leveled up as soon as possible. Once I hit the legends playoffs, however, the game became less exciting. I was trying to improve my team while continuing to lose to the same Legends team over and over again until I finally got good enough to beat them. This time, I'm trying to spread it out a bit and improve my team at each level before advancing to the next level. I do think that the idea of staying at lower levels for a really long time is overrated and pretty much pointless though
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    Good thinking.

    I think there are two ways to play this game and the choice depends on what you will like this game to be.
    1. You can advance level by level quickly. Using some reward to upgrade your team. It is possible that you will have an average team when you are in legend/GOAT division. You don't have enough time to earn gold so you will not have enough resource to make your team from good to great.
    2. You can stay in low level division and win easy games to let you be in daily/weekly top 5.

    If you choose the first option, you will have a tough time in legend/GOAT division. Division/Tournament/league games become harder because of there are more tough enemies.
    Using a 4/5 star team to defeat legend/GOAT playoff team is possible. Most of the players have done that but we all have to admit that we played tons of games in the playoff to achieve this goal.
    A short conclusion for option 1 is that you will play happily in the beginning but will suffer in high level division because of the talent of your team is not good enough.

    For option 2, you will have easy wins and you only need to be careful about choosing your login time to guarantee that the players in your daily/weekly group are not so strong.
    Play one hour per day to let your team be in top 5 and get weekly/daily reward and use this reward to make your team better.
    It is a slow process so all you need is to be patient.

    I think GLU has made some changes to let option 2 become harder especially they change the daily reward so building your stacked team will need longer time than before.

    My suggestion is that you can create two teams and try these two options concurrently.
    I have done this before and frankly speaking, the team which uses option 2 becomes great earlier than the team uses option 1.
  • Wolf McCallisterWolf McCallister Registered Users 132 Posts
    How does login time affect your daily/weekly grouping?
  • jemicjemic Registered Users, Member 297 Posts
    How does login time affect your daily/weekly grouping?

    You can refer to dtrain987's article http://ggnbb.glu.com/showthread.php?125085-Idea-to-Rid-the-game-of-cheaters

    This can also be applied to prime events.
    You will see different people in your group if you log in the game one hour or two hour before the end of prime event.
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    i stayed at veteran until i was fully stacked with a huge stockpile of gold to get prime players. didnt bother moving up earlier than that. in fact even started a second account that is still in rookie with all 5star players and maybe 150+ unused picks accumulated. havent played that account at all but its there in case i leveled up too quickly. worth it for the rewards at lower levels imo, but then again havent played this game much at all since the latest update so can't say if the rewards have been nerfed or not.
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    jemic wrote: »
    You can refer to dtrain987's article http://ggnbb.glu.com/showthread.php?125085-Idea-to-Rid-the-game-of-cheaters

    This can also be applied to prime events.
    You will see different people in your group if you log in the game one hour or two hour before the end of prime event.

    wow what dtrain said totally makes sense. the first day after the last update i had gotten #1 in runs & hits and #6 in wins in the daily challenge. was very confused. thought i had just gotten lucky or something but looking back on it i hadn't logged in since the day before. very useful strategy. might have to try that out some more.
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    It has nothing to do with playing weaker teams. It has to do with winning rewards and building your team in a better fashion for when you reach the end.
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