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This will probably be long as I have 44 inactives but not gonna list them all and will list some but I want to know from the veterans if I'm using right players and who I should have as subs and if I should let go of all my inactives even though I know they will go back in draft and I will probably pick some if not most back up again when using draft picks. Thank you in advance.

3.5*(C) Jarrod Saltalmacchia 4/7/2
4*(1B) Joey Votto 7/5/2
3.5*(2B) Dustin Pedroia 7/2/5
4*(3B) Evan Longoria 5/7/3
3.5*(SS) Jody Mercer 6/4/3
4*(OF) Jon Jay 8/2/5
5*(OF) J.D. Martinez 8/8/5
4.5*(OF) Ben Revere 9/1/5
4*(DH) Stephen Vogt 7/5/2

3.5*(3B) Mike Moustakes 3/8/2
4*(1B) Lucas Duda 4/9/3
4*(OF) Oswaldo Arcia 4/9/3

3*(SS) Josh Rutledge 4/4/6
2.5*(2B) Rickie Weeks 3/5/5
2.5*(OF) Collin Cowell 4/4/4
3*(OF) Ryan Sweeney 5/4/2
3.5*(2B) Rougned Odor 5/5/5
3*(OF) Desmond Jennings 4/4/8
2.5*(OF) Chris Dickerson 3/4/6
3.5*(OF) Gregory Polanco 4/4/9
3.5*(SS) Brad Miller 4/6/5
2.5*(C) Alex Avila 3/7/2
2.5*(1B) Mitch Moreland 3/6/1
3*(OF) Chris Parmelee 4/5/2
2.5*(OF) Emilio Bonifacio 5/1/9
4*(1B) Brandon Belt 5/9/4
4.5*(3B) Josh Donaldson 5/9/4
3*(C) Carlos Ruiz 6/3/3
2.5*(2B) Joe Panik 7/1/1
3.5*(SS) Chris Owings 6/3/7

5* (Ace) Zack Greinke 7/8/8
4* (SP2) Mike Leake 4/8/6
4* (SP3) Jason Hammel 6/7/6
4.5* (SP4) Garrett Richards 6/5/8
4* (SP5) Gio Gonzalez 7/4/7

4.5* (Long) Aaron Sanchez 5/8/9
4* (RP1) Kirby Yates 9/5/7
4.5* (RP2) Jonathan Papelbon 6/8/8
4* (SM) Casey Fien 7/9/6
4* (CL) Junichi Tazawa 7/8/7

3.5* (SP) Bud Norris 5/6/6
3.5* (SP) Mike Minor 5/7/5
3* (SP) Jacob Diekman 9/2/7
4* (SR) Jordan Waldon 9/3/8
3.5* (SP) Bronson Arroya 3/9/5
3*(MR) Burke Badenhop 3/8/7
3.5* (SP) T.J. House 5/8/5


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    pick batters with high hit over power
    pick pitchers with high stuff
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    Jesus..Moustakas only has 3 hit? Hang on to him, he's bound to get a major boost in hitting, then he'll be your new starting 3B. Donaldson as an inactive, too, huh? He should get a hit upgrade, too.

    Definitely do not trade in your inactives.
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    Yeah only reason I have Donaldson as inactive is I have been seeing if anyone else will hit better. He has only hit .232 for me but he does HR every 9.8ab for me. Thank you for the advice. I will hang onto them.
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