Elite drafts at different levels

brucen44brucen44 New MemberRegistered Users 42 Posts
Hi, right now I'm at Veteran. Currently the 'Elite Drafts' tab shows 4 different drafts for me. The one I'm most interested in is the 'Championship Bracket Draft'. This one only needs 10 green rings to do a draft.

For me it contains players from 2.5 star to 5 star. I'm wondering how this draft changes as you progress up?

For example, if I go to a higher level:
1) does this same draft cost the same? i.e. 10 green rings
2) is the player range the same? eg. maybe it goes from 3 star to 5 star like a regular #1 draft pick.
3) Also what is the difference with the 'Champion Series Draft' other than that one costing 6 blue rings.


  • Tony167Tony167 Experienced Member Registered Users 392 Posts
    I don't really know the difference in the player pool at different levels, but the ring cost does go up. Currently in HOF level green draft is 40 and blue draft is 15. But you also get a ton more rings for winning leagues and tournies in higher levels as well. So it kind of evens out
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