Home Runs - Auto Play vs Manual

Butthole PleasuresButthole Pleasures New MemberRegistered Users 23 Posts
Ok first let me give you my team so you know what I'm working with;

Yadier Molina 8/4/2
Eric Hosmer 7/4/4
Howie Kendrick 8/2/6
Jose Reyes 7/3/9
Martin Prado 7/4/3
Charlie Blackmon 7/5/9
Carl Crawford 7/3/9
Mike Trout 8/9/6
Victor Martinez 9/8/2

Ok so now to the question. Whenever I play manually I get HR's from the obvious Trout and Martinez but when I auto play I get numerous HR's from all of my players. Why do I get so many more HR's when I auto play? Even my 2 power guys will have multi homer games on auto play.


  • WhompKingWhompKing New Member Registered Users 21 Posts
    I feel like auto play is completely random.
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