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Tony167Tony167 Experienced MemberRegistered Users 392 Posts
Hey guys so I have a question. I've had 3 leagues pending for 3 days now, won't let me withdraw. The red withdraw button showed up for a day, but still wouldn't let me.

I'm out, 1100 gold right now be of this, and also can't join the only 2 leagues I actually have chances of winning. Any advice? Is send in a ticket, but I'm still waiting on responses from other tickets weeks ago.
Has this happened to anyone? Thanks in advance


  • thesheriff33thesheriff33 Experienced Member Registered Users 97 Posts
    I think it has something to do with the Fan Rewards for the weekend. About 3 weeks ago I tried to throw gold into the leagues, knowing that nobody would sign up and get my gold back while achieving the prize. They didn't let me pull out until Monday after the weekend reward was over
  • Tony167Tony167 Experienced Member Registered Users 392 Posts
    That makes sense. Hopefully they let me after the weekend if they don't fill. The tourneys I'm in usually always fill tho, that's why I was getting worried. I appreciate the reply!
  • Tony167Tony167 Experienced Member Registered Users 392 Posts
    The red withdraw buttons showed back up this morning, but still will not let me withdraw. These are the only leagues I can win at my skill level that provide me cash and help me get top 5 on the leaderboards. At this point I can't do anything.
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