How can I stop this guy from adding games?

Rhound50Rhound50 New MemberRegistered Users, Member 9 Posts
I started a game using the play against a random team button, so I ended up playing this guy and all he has been doing is whining no stop in the trash talk section. Now I open the app and I have 11 games that he just started against me. I just wanted to finish the 1 game I played against him and be done. How do I keep him from adding tons of games? Sorry if this is a noob question but I just started playing this game.


  • BommbsOverBaghdadBommbsOverBaghdad Experienced Member Registered Users 163 Posts
    unfortunately there's no way to prevent this. i remember one of my first posts on here i recommended Glu adding a "Deny Challenge" option for situations like these or if you're challenged by an opponent that far outranks you. this was before i knew Glu couldn't care less about our problems.

    if you are winning or tied you can resign the games without any penalty so i would recommend doing that if you don't want to deal with him. if you are losing then you will lose a division win though. if you're better than him then obviously you could just beat him in all the games. he'll stop challenging you for sure. also just don't respond to him. anything you say will just make him want to keep challenging you.
  • Rhound50Rhound50 New Member Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    So I smashed him in our first game and he started whining in comments on how much of a ***** I must have been that I must have spent at least $200 to buy my team. He told me he plans to play as slow as possible in that game. I think he might be wanting to just be a pain in the neck get a ton of games on wait forever to play each inning. Is there a limit to the number of challenges he can make? Can he fill up my whole screen with 100 challenges even if I keep resigning?
  • tbattitbatti Experienced Member Registered Users 433 Posts
    Just ignore his chat and resign every game that is a tie and if you don't want to play him at a ll even resign when you are winning and he'll eventually go away.

    What is his team name and is he in Legends?
  • Rhound50Rhound50 New Member Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    No he is in star, his name is Jack Trips. So I've never resigned before if he starts a game and scores a run in the top of the first do I lose a win if I resign without taking an at bat?
  • tbattitbatti Experienced Member Registered Users 433 Posts
    Yes you will get a loss without batting if he scored.
  • redstitchredstitch New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    I'm having the exact problem from some guy - team name Zingdaddy - we played 4 or 5 games which he lost and wrote that I must be cheating. Since then he initiates game after game after game -daily. A real **** nut move. Hopefully what goes around will come around.
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