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I recently posted a thread asking guys with great teams to challenge me so that I could play some decent competitive games. And I even started a game with Baby Messi and MikeTheTerrible. I played and lost to Baby Messi, and is fine because it was a good game even though he beat the **** outta me. But MikeTheTerrible? You guys don't need to waste your time with this little boy. First of all, he takes his turn once every 24 hrs and that's it! Secondly, if he gets a small lead on you, he starts talking **** like the immature little punk he is. Who the hell wants to go back and forth with a child who has no life experience? At any rate, I opted out of my game with him because I have better things to do than go back and forth with a juvenile.


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    Haha yeah you could tell he is either a young kid or an older dude who still lives with his parents with no job. Dudes a straight clown
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